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Prepper Pete Prepares an introduction to Prepping for Kids by Kermit Jones Jr.

I recently had the chance to review the first book that I have seen that addresses prepping on a child’s level called Prepper Pete Prepares. It is a fun book by Kermit Jones Jr and illustrated by Christy Brill. Prepper Pete is an ant who lives in a world much like ours. Pete grows up learning to prepare for winter by gathering previsions all year long. But he learns as an adult that he needs to also prepare for emergencies. The simplistic writing style that Kermit adapts in the book, helps children understand the importance of making sure that they and their families have back up plans just in case there is ever a natural disaster or other problem.
As someone who has children in their prepping community, I think this book is a great tool to help the younger children relate to and make them feel that they too no matter how young can play a role in their families survival. As a learning tool this book opens up dialog that can engage children and help them use creative thinking to see what they can think of in order to help keep their family safe, and opens up being able to talk to their children about gun safety and proper handling.

In the book it talks about keeping the family safe from bad guys, which is good. This allows parents to establish who the children can and can not trust. I believe Prepper Pete & Friends will make a great impact on the prepping community and that every family should own a copy or two of these great books.

I urge you to go check out and get yourself a few of these great books.

Sea salt and baking soda, best all natural remedy for curing radiation exposure and cancer

If you have been exposed to any form of radiation, either for medical diagnostic purposes (fluoroscopy/mammography/other medical x-ray exams) or in the course of radiotherapy treatment, or if you are otherwise concerned by excessive radiation exposure, overload or poisoning (such as living near a nuclear reactor facility, working with diagnostic radiological equipment/in the nuclear processing industries/uranium mining/uranium or plutonium processing), or if you have been exposed to radioactive particles or higher ionizing radiation doses stemming from other sources such as depleted uranium (DU), testing of atomic weapons, frequent flights in higher altitudes, a nuclear disaster (radiation fallout from the Japan nuclear power plants) etc., here are a number of tips and suggested remedies how to naturally help your body excrete damaging radioactive elements (e.g. strontium and radioactive iodine) or detoxify their noxious byproducts such as free radicals as well as deal with radiation burns.

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Happy Veterans Day

How to Make Maple Syrup


Make your own pet food

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59742_292530177545517_981625811_nHave you noticed the Mosquitos are already out! Here is a homemade trap to help keep you and the kiddos from being a blood donor!!!


Items needed:
1 cup of water
1/4 cup of brown sugar
1 gram of yeast
1 2-liter bottle
1. Cut the plastic bottle in half.
2. Mix brown sugar with hot water. Let cool. When cold, pour in the bottom half of the bottle.
3. Add the yeast. No need to mix. It creates carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes.
4. Place the funnel part, upside down, into the other half of the bottle, taping them together if desired.
5. Wrap the bottle with something black, leaving the top uncovered, and place it outside in an area away from your normal gathering area. (Mosquitoes are also drawn to the color black.)
Change the solution every 2 weeks for continuous control.

3D Printing Fire Arms

Cody R Wilson has figured out how to print a semi-automatic rifle from the comfort of his own home. Now he’s putting all the information online so that others will join him.

This is a story about the rapid evolution of a technology that has forced the American legal system to play catch up. Cody Wilson, a 24 year old University of Texas Law student, is an advocate for the open source production of firearms using 3D printing technology. This makes him a highly controversial figure on both sides of the gun control issue. MOTHERBOARD sat down with Cody in Austin, Texas to talk about the constitution, the legal system, and to watch him make and test-fire a 3D-printed gun.

Emergency Flashlight Translates Communication Instantly

emergency-flashlight-translator-communicationThe world has seen its share of catastrophes, and with each one, we learn how to become a little bit more prepared. It’s virtually impossible to foresee everything that might happen, and maybe that is why we are usually so unprepared when something bad actually happens. The world is unpredictable, and it will most likely stay that way until the end of time. What we can do about it is prepare ourselves with tools that can help us out with the rescue work. That’s what this emergency flashlight is all about.

It is dubbed the Flash Communicator and is a tool that could be invaluable when it comes to rescue work. With the entire world helping out when something has really gone wrong, the most common boundaries, and the ones that take the most time, are the language barriers. We all want to help, but if we don’t know what is going on, there is little we can do. This emergency flashlight could change all that in an instant.

The idea behind this emergency flashlight is to utilize the world’s most recognizable language, Morse code. Its usage is basic and straightforward, and it could mean increased speed when it comes to being rescued. You simply click the communicate button (located at the bottom of the flashlight) and speak while pointing it in the direction where you think there are people who can help you. The people or rescue workers can then locate you, but they’ll also instantly know what you are saying and what kind of help you need, if they know Morse code that is.

It’s certainly a breakthrough in the way a victim can communicate over language barriers and still bring in a quick rescue. Tools like these will help increase rescue speed and cut down the time it sometimes takes to administer treatment to a patient. It would be especially useful when victims have internal injuries that they can only express through telling you how they feel. This emergency flashlight concept is dreamed and conceptualized by designer Kim Minsoon and is not yet in production. You have to agree though that the concept is quite impressive, and it could lead to a whole lot more victims being saved in time. This design won the Red Dot Design Award in 2012.

Flash Communicator – Emergency Flashlight







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